Guerzim WriteUp

World: Guerzim
Subsector: Accra
Sector: Crucis Margin
Coordinates: 1626 (J0806)
UWP: B756759-B

Allegiance: Crucis, Nar Faction
Bases: Scout
Trade Codes: Ag
Travel Zone: Green

Settled and built up as a Base two centuries ago, Guerzim participated in the
Narman Strife. The planet served as the staging area for the forces which
invaded and occupied Narok, Tamale, and Daboya. Only disorganised remnants
survived to be evacuated back to Adrar and Guerzim. Reorganised as the
planetary defence forces, these remnants where further decimated by the
Mandanin counterattack. The refuelling base on the third moon of the outer Gas
Giant was destroyed as well as the moon itself split into four smaller
fragments. The Naval Base on Guerzim, though well defended, was destroyed also.
After the peace settlement, the devastated base was somewhat rebuilt to support
the patrol forces maintained in the sector. The troops were mostly demobilised
and settled on Guerzim. Socially they retained some of the aspects of the
former military command structure resulting in a classification of Feudal
Technocratic government. A small Scout Base is maintained here which also
provides refuelling for the extensive patrol forces still maintained in this
Six planets comprise this system. The innermost orbit is occupied by a 4900 km
diameter rock which has a belt of six 100 km rocks in orbit around it arranged
in a rosette. Scientists speculate that this is an Ancient Artefact but little
work has been done in this area. Guerzim orbits second out, having a 1400 km
diameter airless rock as a satellite. The third orbit out is an E310000 - with
two minor rocks as satellites. This planet served as a defence base during the
Narman Strife but when destroyed was not rebuilt. Fourth orbit is a small Gas
Giant with eight minor rocks as satellites. Fifth orbit out is a large Gas
Giant which formerly had ten satellites, minor rocks and iceballs. The third
moon was an iceball of 600 km diameter which housed a dug-in refuelling station
The bombardment which destroyed the base also split the moon into four large
fragments and numerous smaller ones. Its former position is occupied by a
radioactive cloud of debris marked as a navigational hazard. The outer sixth
orbital position is held by a 6700 km diameter rock which has a 4 km thick
coat if frozen gases thus giving it statistics of E401000 - .

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