Gaesh WriteUp

Gaesh 1631 B4946AB-8 Ag Ni 204 Im M1 V

Originally established by Vilani zealots fleeing religious persecution,
the colonists were obviously influenced by alien artifacts found on the
planet during the period of the Long Night. By the time they were re-
contacted they had evolved into a strong dictatorship whereby the ruler
is a mysterious character chosen by the people at maturity and then
cloistered within the Pearl Tower at Tralarwl. The monarch never
appears in public again nor does he leave the tower. Audiences are
granted from behind a screen of translucent pearl behind which can be
seen the rulers outline. Even his voice is only heard by the First
Prelate who repeats his words for all to hear. The system was apparently
established to allow decisions to be made on an objective basis and
protects the ruler from both foes and would-be favourites. The cities
are famous for being made of large granite blocks cut exactly to shape
so that not even a needle can be inserted between the uncemented
blocks. Gaesh exports Greum beef throughout the sector as well as the
grain used to make Argian Bhair.

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