Brandon WriteUp

World: Brandon

Small mining community under the protection of Collin's World though
ostensibly independent. But the whole economy depended on the Brandon
System Company which leased the miners their equipment, sold them their
food and air, and bought their ore. When the company went bankrupt
in 1124 the entire population was scheduled to be evacuated.

Subsector: Eakoi
Sector: Reavers' Deep
Coordinates: 1632 (N0802)
UWP: C337322-6

Starport: Routine
Size: Small (4000-5600 km)
Atmosphere: Very thin
Hydrographics: 70% water
Population: 3,000
Govt: Participating Democracy
Law Level: Low
Technology: Pre-Stellar
Planetoid Belts: 2
Gas Giants: 2

Allegiance: Non-Aligned
Bases: None
Trade Codes: Lo Ni
Travel Zone: Green

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