Anomaly WriteUp

Anomaly 1633 C9E7366-C S Lo Ni Fl 812 Dr M2 V

Conditions on this world are both harsh and baffling. The planet as a
whole appears to have been distorted into an ellipsoidal shape in the
geologically recent past. What is more puzzling, is that there is no
nearby moon or gas giant which could have caused the distortion, and
there is no indication of a recent impact on the surface. The
planetary crust has been shattered, and measurements indicate
cataclysmic tremors on the surface as the planet "relaxes" to a
spherical shape through its own self-gravity. Orbital surveys also
show unusual density anomalies.

Since the system is in a little-travelled side branch of the
Dagudashaag Main, it is only since the mid-700's that the I.I.S.S. has
made any significant effort to investigate the planet. The Scouts also
provide technical support ( in a somewhat half-hearted fashion ) to
the several Droyne oytripin present insystem. Some of the Droyne
research the planet, whilst others undertake small-scale mining
insystem. The I.I.S.S. have only just begun to realise the
significance of the system. An expedition to the planet's surface in
1112 made an astonishing discovery - an array of "cables" some 1700
km. long, buried in the planetary crust at a depth of about 4m. The
cables are composed of monadium, the same material as was found at the
Ancient base on Antiquity/Ian, in Corridor Sector.


The Ancient's originally intended to transport Anomaly via Jumpspace to
the Medurma/Pact system, where it would have formed part of a three
world rosette. The experiments were interrupted by the Final war and
the distortion of the planetary crust was caused by the "arcing" of
jump energy from the field cables implanted in the crust. TL16 high
penetration densitometer readings have shown a number of artificial
voids at about a 20km depth, but this information has not been made

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