Lasla WriteUp

Lasla (Lasla/Mendan 1634)
A532ABA-E Hi Na Po Cp 902
Allegiance: Julian Prot. (Pirbarish Starlane)

Lasla is the capital of the Pirbarish Starlane. During the Julian War and
the Antarean Pacification Campaign, it also served as a clandestine center
of resistance, coordinating resistance and guerilla activity throughout the
Imperial-occupied regions. Its position on the Mendan Main makes it a center
for shipping and commerce today; the Menderes Corporations' Transportation
and Communication Division is headquartered here, and a major regional office
of the Imperial Division can also be found. Most shipping from the spinward
areas of the Vargr Extents is cleared through Lasla before proceeding to
the Ukhanzi Coordinate and other Protectorate states.

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