Lenashuuk WriteUp

Lenashuuk 1640 A7A8A76-F W Hi Fl A 400 Im K7 III

Lenashuuk is a hostile world - the tidal influence of a large moon
causes severe seismic disturbances. The surface of Lenashuuk is
covered with oceans of liquid sulphur, and the atmosphere is composed
of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide, and various hydrocarbons, forcing the
population to live in large, domed habitats.

The history of Lenashuuk has been one of armed strife. The world was
originally settled by several rival mining companies, intent on
exploiting the world's immense reserves of titanium and molybdenum.
Territorial disputes over mining rights and transportation routes have
periodically erupted into full-scale warfare. The culture of Lenashuuk
seems not to be able to understand the concept of compromise.

Sector Duke Raegis Viisarikaa IV was killed on Lenashuuk in 1114, when
the accidental firing of a mass-driver artillery weapon ruptured the
pressurised habitat he was visiting, during a visit intended to bring
peace to the troubled world.


Sector Duke Raegis Viisarikaa IV was assassinated by agents of Archduke
Dulinor of Llelesh, who wished to destabilise the Sector in preparation
for his bid for the Imperial throne. Karyn Viisarikaa is unaware of
this fact.

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