Aeghvoekogz WriteUp

Aeghvoekogz (1712) was the subject of an article entitled "Wolf Sport"
which appeared in Challenge issue #58. "It is a rich world typical of
the decaying Empire of Varroerth. Though its six independent nations
(Aeghvoe, Kogz, Gzargig, Vorkez, Nullu Vaer and Zoertsu Vaer) rarely
agree on anything, hostilities are extremely rare. The citizens of
Aeghvoekogz seem content with taking care of business matters and
seeing to their own personal entertainment. Because of Aeghvoekogz'
long daylight and night periods, each 60-hour day is broken up by five
strictly controlled siestas of five hours each, equally spaced
throughout the day. It is a criminal offense to work during these
periods, and businesses (except essential sevices) are mandated to
completely cease operations during siestas."

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