Namedih WriteUp

Namedih B350430-E A De Ni Po -- Dakin Burdick (9/96)

Namedih has been placed under interdiction for a very good reason: it
is the home of a sentient minor race called the Akzukayya. They are
descended from a 50 kg. insectoid carnivore (killer). The Akzukayya
adults have six legs, two manipulative arms, and a prehensile tail,
all encased in a thick armor equivalent to cloth armor. They usually
attack with claws, but after an abortive attack by a mercenary team, they
are believe to have access to a primitive firearms and explosives, as
well as a few antiquated combat rifles. The Akzukayya are extremely
fierce and territorial, and suggestions of genocide were only rejected
after it was decided that a naval and scout base should be located in
this system.

Those who survive long enough will discover the Akzukayya have five
distinct stages: eggs, subterranean larva, breeding worms, adult
workers/warriors, and post-adult thinkers. It is believed that their
adult culture (workers, warriors, thinkers) are the only times they reach
sentience and that they devote that sentience to the full-time pursuit of
war against rival settlements.

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