Vehko WriteUp

Vehko ( 1715 B665655-A S Ag Ni Ri ) circa 1116

Vehko has adopted an economic principle that sets it apart from many
worlds in the Imperium. On Vehko there is no income tax, instead it is
the use of resources, by individuals or companies, that is heavily
taxed. This has had two main effects. Firstly companies are careful to
use the lower taxed renewable resources, and not to damage existing
resources through pollution ( which is counted as "part use" ).
Secondly since manpower is cheap but machinery is not, many production
processes are conducted using traditional labour intensive, and
generally environmentally friendly, methods. Since agriculture fits
better with such an economy than manufacturing it is no surprise that
Vehko has developed primarily as an agricultural world. Visiting
traders often remain in orbit to avoid the punative resource taxes for
spacecraft. The key exports are unprocessed agricultural goods, and the
most popular imports are resource intensive machinery and vehicles.

David Burden (

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