Campbell WriteUp

Campbell 1722 B99A200-E W Lo Ni Wa 204 Im M7 VI

Campbell is probably best known for its orbital transport facilities, which
acts as an important trade junction between Pact subsector and Ushra, but the
system also serves a second vital purpose which is all but unknown. Campbell
is the biggest waste disposal reclamation system in the sector. Dangerous
chemicals and other materials from all over Dagudashaag are sent here for
treatment, recycling and/or final disposal. Campbell itself is manned by a
small family firm who use the intense cold and stable environment to store
the dangerous materials until processed.


The outer moon, C'irdeas, is in reality a Pit Stop. Initially, it was
established to allow indentured debtor's from Dashi to hide until a
suitable ship could be found to take them to another subsector. Most were
smuggled off-planet hidden inside chemical waste transporters which no-one
thought to check.

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