Ankhir WriteUp

Ankhir (Gvurrdon 1728) C6869BB-7 Hi:
This system have probably gone through more hardship than most
other systems in Gvurrdon. The population lives under ground in
tunnels. When the system was first settled for 800 years ago it
boasted with an advanced TL 11 technology. Then the disaster
struck. The small government did not succeed in controlling the
masses and civil war broke out. Following this war the world
got splintered between several powerblocks. With more than 600
years of war and other minor conflicts the TL started to
decline when the harsh environment took its toll on the
equipment. The fact is that the surface temperature of this
planet can sink down to -237C. The following wars was then the
matter of survival for the powerblocks. About 50 years ago this
system did get help from outside by request from some minor
factions. Firstly the helpers was met with resistance, but
later when the other factions had expended their stock of
fighting materiel they had to succumb for outside pressure.
From this point the planet got united under one central
government. This planets largest export articles are a strange
sort of algae that lives in the oceans of this planet. Orrkong,
a shrimp like creature is also an export article.

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