Ushmegili WriteUp

Ushmegili 1729 D86A204-A S Lo Ni Wa 722 Im G1 V

This large water world shares many features with Thalassa (Pact 2127). Lack
of available land has restricted the expansion of the starport. The climate
of the planet is unkind to human habitation (average temperature is
approximately -37 C, with the equatorial regions a rather pleasant 20-22 C
during the 'summer')despite the ideal atmosphere.
The resident population is composed of scientists from the Imperial
University of Medurma planetary physics department and the IISS undertaking a
joint investigation into the 'Ushmegli Rings'. These rings are circular
depressions in the seabed which have a varying number of concentric,
evenly-spaced ridges emanating from the centre of these crater-like
depressions. Their age, origin and purpose (if any) remain a mystery.

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