Grote WriteUp


Orbit Name Profile Comments
Sun Regis F8V 1.3 mass, 1.37 luminosity
0 Guthlac YS00000-0 (Yr=28.6d)
1 Horsa H200400-B Research Station (Yr=81.04d) Pop=10,000
2 Godwin G660300-B Research Station (540K) (Yr=187.5d)
2 Ring HR00000-0 Automated Beacon/Relay Station
3 Inner Belt Y000100-A (10m/10km) (n-60 m-30 c-10) 0.05AU
Yr=320.3d Pop=10
4 Aethelstan Small GG (Yr=1.775yr) Size=80 dens=0.14 Mass=140
2 Ring YR00000-0
5 Sequin HS00112-A Pop=20
7 Farthing G334200-B Research Station (317K) Pop=400
8 Grote A400404-B (Orb=3.447dy) (Tidal Lock) Pop=10000
55 Standy Y300000-0 Name is shortened "Aethelstan-D"
5 Edward Y641300-A (261K--inhabitable?,sulfur tainted atm)
(Yr=4.109yr) Pop=7000
5.4 Edith Y933000-0 (205K) (Yr=6.39yr) (3.76AU)
6 Cnut Large GG (Yr=10.4yr)
4 Harthacnut Y300214-A Pop=400
6 Cnut-B Y320000-0
10 Cnut-C YS00000-0
11 Cnut-D Y540000-0 (189K)
25 Cnut-E Y410000-0
6.7 Ethel G400217-A (Yr=21.97yr) (8.56AU) Pop=200
7 Outer Belt H000365-B (300m/100km) (n-0 m-20 c-80) 0.1AU
Research Station Yr=27.73yr Pop=5000
7.2 Adele Y602000-0 (Yr=36.09yr) (11.92AU)
8 Ethelred Large GG (Yr=76.1yr)
2 Ring HR00000-0 Automated Rescue Beacon/Relay Station
7 Ethelred-A Y650000-0 (97K)
10 Ethelred-B Y546000-0 (86K)
20 Ethelred-C Y442000-0 (95K)
25 Ethelred-D Y630000-0 (86K)
35 Ethelred-E YS00000-0
40 Ethelred-F Y300000-0
9 Hengist Y100112-A (Yr=211.97yr) Pop=20 Deuterium
processing station, docks for
10 Ethelbert Small GG Anomalous deuterium concentration in
atmosphere (Yr=594.9yr)
1 Inner Ring HR00000-0 Automated Rescue Beacon/Relay Station
2 Outer Ring YR00000-0
35 Ethelbert-A YS00000-0

The closest approach between Grote and Hengist is 37.2 AU, which
corresponds to 1-G constant boost travel time of 17.4 days. Radio
transmission time is 5.27 hours.

From Grote to Ethelbert at 1-G is 25.1 days, 10.73 hours for radio.

From Ethelbert to Hengist at 1-G is 17.6 days, 5.46 hours for radio.

Hengist is overtaking Ethelbert's position, and the two planets will
be in alignment in another 25 years.

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