Ceoth WriteUp

Ceoth ( 1737 B595325-C S Lo Ni ) circa 1116

Defu on Ceoth is one of the great archaeological sites of Gushemege.
Lying underwater on the continental shelf in middle/high latitudes Defu
conists of a complex of some 250 multifaceted towers. Analysis places
their age at 6000 PI and suggests a TL6 culture. The towers appear to
be made of a metallic coral hybrid, and interior design suggests
swimming inhabitants of about a metre length. The surrounding area
shows signs of vulcanism that may have buried other traces of the
culture, but the continuing IISS/University of Sharim research
programme found more modest ruins about 2000 km away in 996 and the
excavations there are nearing completion.

Referee: The Defu culture was a bony aquaform native to Ceoth. They
developed a fire-less technology through harnessing a local coral to
produce artifacts, first of chalk and later using metals and plastics.
Their aquatic and unexpansive nature kept them from detection by early
human explorers and settlers to the region. They died out around 3000
PI as a result of a climactic shift that destroyed the food chain on
which they depended, the vulcanism occured millennia later. The Defu
paid the price for failing to expand and explore, and being dependent
on a few locations and a fragile food chain. The Defu way of using of
coral is only now becoming clear in Gushemege's research laboratories
and potentially has many spinoffs for nanotech research.

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