Bradley WriteUp

Bradley 1822 A246200-D N Lo Ni 803 Im M3 V M3 D M9 D

The Bradley system is the site of the Debeyer Imperial Naval Facility,
originally established to combat piracy on the Dagudashaag Main during the
early years of the Third Imperium. Debeyer now functions as a small repair
and supply base and also carries out research into new sensor and
communicator systems in the 'noisy' electromagnetic environment near the far
companion Basa; an M-dwarf binary. The Ushran corporation TerraTech LIC has
approximately 100 staff in-system conducting advanced terraforming experiments
on the world itself.


The Bradley Barrier is indeed an Ancients' device that was being tested by
Medurman's. In 1118 this device is transferred to Campbell and stored on
C'irdeas in the secret Pit Stop there. Its influence, unfortunately, is
rather erratic.

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