Ozrake WriteUp

Ozrake (Valosak/Mendan 1822)
B533776-8 F Na Po Cp A 403
Allegiance: Julian Prot. (Vugurar Dominion)

Of the seven nations on Ozrake, five are members of the Vugurar Dominion; the
other two have no formal relations with the Dominion or the Protectorate. It
is because there are areas of the planet where the Protectorate cannot act on
behalf of its citizens that the planet has a Posted Advisory.

This has had no effect on the government of the Dominion; it maintains itself
here, and functions quite well, acting as an advocate for strong positive
relationships between Humans and Vargr. Ozrake is also home to the Khfesto
Rrak Institute of Interspecies Relations, one of the leading academic
institutions in sociological studies of Humans, Vargr, and Human/Vargr

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