Callia WriteUp

CALLIA E150852-6 Rob Dean (

Water is currency on this extremely dry world. The original
colony was founded here by a group of religious ascetics around 640.
Very little trace of the original religion remains today--the harsh
climate seemed to breed nothing but a host of prophets. The several
main groups of nomads are very fierce, and extremely adept at the use
of primitive weapons. In the cities, the current religion is built
around a cannibalistic cult with an emphasis on high fertility. Both
types of cultures are highly ritualistic, and anyone interested must
study the ritual skill separately (defaults to Liaison minus 3). Use
the level of ritual as a positive DM on reactions with natives. The
occasional outsiders who venture here are generally safe from the
local violence. The Glisten PARS usually maintains a cutter here (in
orbit) to render any necessary assistance in space emergencies.
Refueling capability in the entire system is virtually non-existent,
and any ship visiting had better have fuel for the return jump. If
you try to use water to refuel on the planet, it costs roughly 10cr
per liter.

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