Arrid WriteUp

Arrid E300988-B Hi In Na Va -- Dakin Burdick (9/96)

Arrid has perhaps the largest population of any of the vacuum worlds.
The billions of people who live within the domes do so without benefit
of air or water on planet. Water and air is scooped from the gas giant
and sold at an exhorbitant amount on planet. Food is provided by
subterranean fungus and algae gardens, while heat is provided by several
hundred nuclear reactors. Nevertheless, only those under thirty years
of age are allowed to live on Arrid, unless they acquire a fortune
substantial enough to pay their way beyond that time. The society is
ruled by a predatory oligarchy of aged millionaires, but revolt is kept
to a minimum by a belief that children and childhood is the most
important resource of society.

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