Mezregh WriteUp

Mezregh ( 1921 E726335-5 Lo Ni ) circa 1116

Imperial Research Station Pi is located in the Mezregh system. Little
is known about the research conducted there. As with other Imperial
Stations security is very tight but observers have noted two things of
interest. Firstly there appear to be no testing or danger areas, and
accommodation is close to the labs, suggesting that the research is not
in anyway dangerous, which would rule out weapon or biotech research.
Secondly the Research Station is a major buyer of super-computers and
is rumoured to have the most concentrated computing resource in the
Imperium. This has led some observers to beleive that the Station is
involved with cryptographic or psychohistorical research.

Referee: Research Station Pi is not engaged in cryptography or
psychohistory, but does indeed have very large computing resources. The
best that is known about the research is that it concerns the top
secret "Project Ptolmey". Historical research indicates that Ptolmey
was a legendary librarian in early Terran history, which has led some
to believe that RSPi is the site of the Universal Imperium Data
Project, or a back up site for Reference.

David Burden (

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