No Hope WriteUp

No Hope 1924 B341699-D S Ni Po 113 Im K1 V

This colony was originally named Nokhopii, Vilani for "Beauty". The planet
was truly full of natural beauty. Then the Vilani colony utterly vanished
without trace. 10,000 men, women and children disappeared leaving behind an
empty settlement. Everything organic in the camp had vanished. A second
colony was established and it too vanished. This time it was able to
pinpoint the disappearence to a three month period corresponding to the
summer. The planet was considered jinxed. It was renamed No Hope and
remained uncolonised until 756 when ICE established a small research
station which was ordered to record everything. That summer the orbiting
station witnessed the deaths of their team-mates on the surface as the
summer heat brought a carnivorous worm to the surface of the planet in such
abundance that the entire surface of the continent seemed to squirm. The
colonists hadn't a chance. Subsequently orders were given to hunt down and
totally exterminate these creatures and successful colonisation was finally

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