Toyusk WriteUp

Toyusk ( 1924 D777300-7 S Lo Ni ) circa 1116

In the depths of the Tingan jungle on Toyusk lies a 250km labyrinth,
built of now greatly decayed stonewalls and covered by a 2m deep layer
of slate and soil. Discovered before the Long Night by Vilani settlers
the Labyrinth has proved a constant enigma. There is no trace of any
past civilisation on the planet, and the most advanced lifeforms are
primtive amphibians. Toyusk has attracted the attention of many survey
teams since it is a near Terran prime planet. However all surveys have
been abandoned due to the acute hallucinations suffered by the
visitors. The wearing of filtration masks brings the effect to a
tolerable level, but it is still sufficient to prevent conventional
settlement. Toyusk does provide a home for a few small colonies of
drug, net and wirehead addicts, who find that on Toyusk they can enjoy
unparalleled consensic hallucinations for free. Needless to say most of
these people are now certifiably mad. IISS keeps a watch on the planet
and provides help, advice and security to visiting science teams. There
is a possibility that the world may be posted as an Amber Zone in the
near future.

Referee: The hallucinations are psionic, although a wind-borne
micro-organism acts as an "amplifier". This fact is known to IISS and a
number of psi/neurotech companies, and IISS is trying to prevent any
exploitation. Raising the status to Amber Zone would be a first step,
and IISS is willing to go to Red if necessary. The labyrinth is
beleived by most to be the source of the disturbances, but by what
mechanism people are unwilling to say.

David Burden (

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