Fay WriteUp

Fay Freeworld ( 1925 C77869C-9 S Ag Ni ) circa 1116

Fay Freeworld is unique in Gushemege for being a world whose sole
purpose is trade. Historically Fay grew to importance through
victualling passing ships and being the only J-1 link between the
worlds of the Gushemege Main and those of the heartland. Fay soon saw
that its position was a double edged sword, in times of peace it could
make a fortune from trade, but in times of war it became of strategic
importance. In -5385 the first Freeworld Declaration was made that
prohibited armed ships of any type from entering the system, but which
allowed free passage to any other craft of any power. During the wars
of the Ziru Sirka, the Rule of Man, the Long Night and the Third
Imperium Fay has remained a Freeworld, often being used for exchange of
prisoners of the signing of truces. During the Civil War the IISS
decided to "guarantee" Fay's status by basing an unarmed Squadron
there, despite the fact that the conflict was light years away. IISS
claimed that they made the move because population decline on Fay was
so great that the world could no longer properly man its SDB squadron,
and so guarantee its own freedom. The population of Fay is highly
inbred and off-worlders are very rarely granted resident status. The
Fay families, or Burrkers, date back millennia, but increasing genetic
problems have indeed put the whole of the population's survival in

David Burden (david@innocom.demon.co.uk)

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