New Home WriteUp


C-Jammer took up orbit around New Home in 4512.

New Home was the first to construct an interstellar spaceship
(the Outward Bound), a scaled-down version of the originals. In
AD 4788 it launched an expedition to colonize Colchis. A second
ship (unknown) was built in 4810 and launched toward Esperanza.

Infinite, from Amondiage, departed New Home with a load of
colonists in 5206.

The first world to be settled by the ESA Long-Range Colony
Mission, New Home is the oldest settlement in the Cluster, and
the richest. It boasts the highest technology, although its
population is slightly lower that the other major worlds.

By whatever means, the most populous and technologically advanced
planets of the Clusters have all gained vassal worlds and are now
looking for more (with the single exception of New Home,
understandably content with the most hospitable world and highest
standard of living in the Clusters).

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