Junivaar WriteUp

Junivaar 1927 C486112-A Lo Ni 800 Im M6 III

The primary star of this system, RS-453662-G, is a 'Mira'-type long period
variable, fluctuating in luminosity between 200 Suns and 20,000 Suns, over a
period of about four and a half standard years. At maximum luminosity
(Highsummer) Junivaar is a humid, tropical world. At minimum luminosity
(Deepwinter) the planet is a frozen waste - even the atmosphere freezes
onto the surface. Life on Junivaar has adapted itself to the rigours of these
strange climatic conditions - the plant life and animal forms secrete
insulating carapaces, or burrow deep underground to survive the intense cold.
When Highsummer comes, the flora grows rapidly, forming impenetrable
forests within a matter of months. LaForge Biotechnology and DeepLevel
Harvesting of Medurma have established a joint base on Junivaar to assess the
commercial potential of the local life forms.


As of 1118, Deepwinter is approaching and Karyn's forces are constructing a
number of covert bases under the encroaching ice to act as listening posts.

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