Asii WriteUp

Asii 1928 C335894-7 205 Im G0 VI

Home to approximately 24,870,000 people, mostly humans of mixed Vilani/
Solomani descent. Due to the bitter cold and the thin atmosphere most of
the population spend their entire lives within the sealed dome cities each
of which are connected by overland monorail links.

The world is governed by a surprisingly efficient series of regional
councils. Although the attitude is essentially uncaring, each council is
observed by 'watchdog' committees with the power to disband any that fail to
treat the populace properly.

Asii has gained a reputation for natural beauty. Among the more well known
tourist spots are the vast ice seas, the spectacular Tubewood forests and of
course, the aptly named singing caves of the Enishi Desert. Many claim that
the winds whistling through the caves call the names of those doomed soon to

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