Ikabi WriteUp

Ikabi 1929 C0009DE-D Hi Na In As 800 Im K4 V

Classed as one of the "Warrior Worlds", the population consists almost
totally of members of The Kuunite Cult which is loosely based on Shinto;
ancestor worship. The planet is home to several sects of Kuuni of varying
fanaticism from the moderate Tchio, to the self-flagellation and
self-mutilation of the Rhi.

Regardless of which sect they follow, all kuunites believe that their sole
reason for existence is to be warriors. Kuunites are generally xenophobic in
the extreme but off-worlders are safe while on-planet as kuunites would not
wish to pollute the holy sites of their religion. Kuuni teaches that entry to
paradise is guaranteed to those who slay unbelievers in battle. For this
reason Ikabi has always been a major supplier of well trained mercenary
troops throughout the Imperium.

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