Weiss WriteUp

WEISS A626464-B Rob Dean (robdean@access.digex.net)

Population about 72,000. Colonized following the Third Frontier
War in 990 by a group of Sword Worlds dissidents. Recent problems
have stemmed from the fact that the inhabitants have more sympathy for
the Sword Worlds their ancestors left than for the Imperium. Glisten
pre-emptively assumed control of the planet in 1104, and tension has
remained high since. The local language is a form of Germanic rather
than Anglic, and persons addressing the inhabitants in Anglic outside
the controlled spaceport district are likely to find trouble. The
planet itself is fairly unpleasant, with most of the hydrographic
percentage tied up in the two large icecaps. Individual settlements
outside the spaceport tend to cluster around a pressurized greenhouse.
Most surface travel is by tracked vehicle.

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