Aisteaya WriteUp

Aisteaya ( 1935 E46358D-9 Ni ) circa 1116

Aisteaya is one of Gushemege's Aslan worlds, but has several notable
differences from the rest. For a start the world was settled by
different clans, the Tralyeaeawi and Aokhalte. Secondly the two clans
have little to do with one another. The Tralyeaeawi live in domed
arcologies, where large air conditioning systems mitigate against the
hot ambient temperatures of Aisteaya. The Tralyeaeawi have embraced
modern technology and have an active TL9 civilisation. By contrast the
Aokhalte have adopted a bedouin existence out in the hot deserts. They
settled Aisteaya two centuries before the Tralyeaeawi arrived, and feel
put out by the latter's takeover of the world. The two clans do have to
interact for trade, the Aisteaya bringing in spices, foodstuffs, and
minerals from the desert, and the Traleaeawi providing the more
advanced processing, medical, and off-world trading facilities.

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