Windsor WriteUp

WINDSOR C783511-9 Rob Dean (

Population: 200,000 (5% independent rancher, 5% independent farm-
ers, 2% independent fishermen, 65% Windsor Agrocorp employees, 23%
Akian immigrants)

Windsor is a colony world currently under development, and is
wholly owned by the Windsor Agrocorp. WA is owned by ConTech (50%),
LSP (30%), SIE (10%), general public (7%), and the Bank of Glisten
(3%). The Akian immigrant population is tending to cluster in the
three cities at present, in distinct contrast to the remainder of the
population. There is some friction between Akians and the others, but
it has remained subdued. The colonization fee for Windsor is fairly
high (Cr30,000 with discounts available for needed skills), so most of
the immigrants were at least middle class to start with. The Aki
government has proposed to subsidize emigration to Windsor, but this
proposal received strenuous protests from the WA Board of Directors at
the 1110 annual meeting.

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