Ngorsraek WriteUp

"The Assemblage of 1116 is an opportunist Vargr state formed after news
of Strephon's assassination reached Tuglikki. Led by the dictatorial
Arruna Kosghaele Zal of Ngorsraek (1937), the Assemblage has extended
its influence over 31 worlds in Deneb and Tuglikki sectors. Zal formed
the Assemblage from the remains of the Erkaghodo Concordat, a political
group that collapsed in 1083. The Concordat ruled loosely; its member
worlds retained their freedom, although they agreed on a set form of
federal government. Nevertheless, charismatic opposition groups caused
the Concordat's fall seven years after its creation - a fate the
Assemblage may yet confront.

The Assemblage is fiercely hostile to the Imperium. While Archduke
Norris's fleets have managed to stave off many raids by independent
corsairs, Assemblage forces have wreaked major damage on the economies
of Lamas and Antra Subsectors. Shipping and communications in that
region have been severely disrupted since the rise of the Assemblage
four years ago."

(TD #19 pg 25-27; MTJ #1 pg 22-25)

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