New Rome WriteUp

NEW ROME B837866-B Rob Dean (

Population: 720 million. New Rome has been occupied since pre-
Imperial times, at least according to local tradition. The truth
cannot be proven, but in fact the planet was settled by Solomani via
Darrian (by a splinter group having some political dispute with the
majority). In recent years the planet has generally been self-suffi-
cient, and an Imperial Navy base was established in 826. In 1042 the
planet was divided into six nations corresponding to the current ad-
ministrative districts. A major war broke out over control of seabed
mineral deposits north of the Latium continent, and the Imperial Navy
was forced to intervene to protect the base. The regional populations
are too strongly differentiated to combine successfully in a planetary
government, and the current administration by Glisten MinCol is still
officially termed "interim". The New Rome Peacekeeping Force is the
only authorized planetary armed service, and was set up as an interna-
tional organization in a deliberate attempt to provide contact between
countries and thereby ease tensions. The results to date have been
disappointing, and low level violence and subversion remain problems.
The extranational ConTech enclave was formed primarily to protect the
commercial starport, and its existence remains a sore point with
nationalist activists.

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