Skye WriteUp

World: Skye

Battle of Skye

Combined Imperial / Caledonian Star Navy action to suppress a pirate base
in the Skye System (Reavers' Dee p2018) positioned to strike at the
Spinward edge of Dulinor's Safe Zone in the Deep as well as targets of
opportunity agianst the Principality of Caledon. The entire action took
place from 172-1123 through 197-1123, involving half of ImpCruRon 227 and
elements of CSN Flotilla 3, under Caledonian operational command. Three
pirate asteroid strongholds were detected and captured, one mostly intact.
Allied losses were 23%, including CSN Starfire on 191-1123.

CSN Starfire, a Caledonian Patrol Corvette, engaged the third discovered
pirate outpost unsupported for 3 hours, until INS Jonas Scolaro, a
Gionetti Class light cruiser, could get into range. Starfire was too badly
damaged to return to Victory Naval Base (Reavers' Deep 2017), and was
retired with honors.

The crew of Starfire was highly honored by the Caledonian Space Navy,
including the awarding of 7 Andrew Crosses (5 of them posthumous), several
Meritorious Conduct Under Fire citations, and the Monarch's Thanks. The
Starstrike's XO, Cmdr Will Carter, one of the postumous awardees of the
Andrew Cross, will be remembered by having the newest building of the Royal
Naval Academy on Caledon named for him. Carter Hall will be used for
classrooms, including the new Advanced Tactical Studies course under
developement. It was also announced that the name Starfire shall be removed
from the list of Patrol Corvettes and become the class ship of the latest
generation of Strike Cruisers now under developement at Victory Yards.

Subsector: Caledon
Sector: Reavers' Deep
Coordinates: 2018 (G0408)
UWP: E799751-5

Starport: Frontier Quality
Size: Medium (10400-12000 km)
Atmosphere: Dense, tainted
Hydrographics: 90% water
Population: 40 million
Govt: Feudal Technocracy
Law Level: Low
Technology: Industrial
Planetoid Belts: 1
Gas Giants: 2

Allegiance: Non-Aligned
Bases: None
Trade Codes: None
Travel Zone: Green

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