Jarmael WriteUp

Jarmael 2024 C512669-9 Na Ni Ic 732 Im M0 V

This system is controlled by the Medurman government. Among its many
resources was one of the largest deposits of Zuchai crystals found within the
Imperial core. Unfortunately most of these resources have now been recovered.
When first discovered, the crystals could even be found in surface deposits.
Now conventional mining is required in order to obtain the remnants of this
valuable commodity.

Unlike many systems in the Pact subsector, Jarmael is primarily Vilani. This
is due to the mining presence during the Ziru Sirka period and the continued
presence of an effective monopoly system operated by the miners and their
families which has prevented intrusion.


With the on-set of the Rebellion, the Jaemael system has seen little action.
The convoys carrying the crystals are always well protected and the mines
inaccessible, making raids awkward. This is not to say that it has not been

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