Kakhirusar WriteUp

Kakhirusar 2028 A664378-B N Lo Ni 903 Im M4 V

Kakhirusar is extremely rich in all manner of metals, making it a very
valuable resource for the industrial systems of the Argi and Pact subsectors.
As far as can be established there has been some kind of mining activity on
the world since the earliest migrations back in the days of the First
Imperium. The Imperial Naval base was established in 82, early in the
Pacifications Campaigns period, to secure the world for the expanding Third

The planet presently supports a population of approximately 9,200, all humans
of mixed descent. Most are there because of the mining companies and the Navy
but a few are operating as independent miners. The Imperial Naval base
commander acts as governor of the world. The governmental duties are carried
out by delegations from the various mining companies on a rota although their
views on the 'correct' way to administer the world vary considerably.
Visitors are advised to contact the Naval base for current information
regarding which laws are currently in operation.

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