Trill WriteUp

Trill ( 2029 A784977-F N Hi ) circa 1116

Trill is a balkanised industrial world with a high population and a
near terran prime biosphere. Trill's many distinct nations all
jealously guard their own independence; there are 15 major nations,
each with a population of about 100 million. Trill's nations are
particularly sensitive about border incursions, and even pitched
battles and military campaigns on Trill are forced to observe and
respect national borders or risk retaliation by the offended country
and alienation from other nations. There are two orbital starports,
each run by a different grouping of nations, and three nations have
Class A dirtside facilities, most others having B or C class starports.
Travellers will find it a long and frustrating process to cross borders
on Trill, and often a visit to one nation will preclude a visit to
certain others.

David Burden (

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