Koskiku WriteUp

Koskiku B377830-C -- Dakin Burdick (9/96)

Koskiku was once a beautiful planet, with sparkling sky and a variety
of borealis that still shines dimly through the polluted atmosphere.
Now the planet is a very heavily populated ghetto, with the police force
unable to deal with the size of the populace and unwilling to risk their
life in doing so. Anything one might want can be had on Koskiku, for
a price. Travellers will find a great deal that is rare or illegal
offworld, but there is also an excellent chance of being the victim of
a con or simply the victims of an attack by one of the local gangs.
The gangs are the true government of Koskiku. They are heavily armed,
with the most successful having access to full military equipage. The
best way for a traveller to protect him/herself is to hire a few members
of one of the successful gangs (like the Warhawks, the Fems, or the
Deathkings) as a personal bodyguard during his/her visit. But always
beware of double-dealing; it is a fine art on Koskiku!

Besides the more mundane ritual of surviving on Koskiku, travellers may
hear the legends of the Callers-in-the-Dark. According to local folklore,
the Callers were a race of ghosts or mist creatures who lived in caverns
deep beneath the planet's surface. Like the will-o-wisps of old Earth,
they were said to sometimes lead those who met them to fabulous treasures
in the deep underground, but more often to lead them to a dangerous pit
or other trap that spelled the demise of the seeker. According to most
accounts, the Callers appeared as a rainbow of color, swirling before
the viewer. There have been many desperate residents who sought the
truth of these legends, but so far none are known to have succeeded.

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