Aki WriteUp

AKI B443987-9 Rob Dean (robdean@access.digex.net)

Aki was settled from Deneb around 300, and converted to Aborism,
a pervasive religion around 450. Religion and government remain sep-
arate. Offworlders find the planet uncomfortable due to the large
population, mostly crowded into large cities, and because of the hos-
tile attitude of Aborites to non-members. This changes rapidly if one
converts. Most cities have large slum areas, and much of the popula-
tion subsists on church or government doles. Most imports, with the
exception of foodstuffs, are subject to a 10% import duty. All normal
starship servicing fees are doubled, due to a government effort to
collect Imperial currency to facilitate offworld activities.

General Description of culture: Reactionary-Indifferent, Passive-
Neutral, Harmonious-Aloof, Aborism:684419 Unusual Custom: Parents
arrange marriages for children.

Miscellaneous Notes:

Wills--as a result of a number of lawsuits early in the history
of the planet in which beneficiaries of wills were declared ineligible
because they were not on the planet at the time the will was resolved,
current law allows two Imperial Standard years from the time of death
to the reading of the will, and this time may not be shortened unless
all beneficiaries are present. In addition, "every effort must be
made" to ensure that all beneficiaries are notified.

Airline Rates--Most cities on Aki are served by some sort of
scheduled air travel. Rates run about Cr0.1/km, with a minimum price
of Cr150.

First Impressions--Housing density is fairly high in most cities,
cleanliness is fairly low. General clothing design is loose, colors
favored being black, gray, brown, and subdued reds and greens. Cer-
tain groups of rebellious youth dress in tight fitting clothing in
bright colors (blue, purple, red), and wear their hair very short.
Cuisine is generally vegetarian due to the scarcity of arable land and
ethical inclination. Urban windowbox miniature herb gardens are a
common sight. Privately owned vehicles in cities are small and
scarce. Large trucks are common for cross country travel. Mass tran-
sit systems are available in most cities, but are often run down.

Airline/Airport Encounters:
1: Concerned Aborite, attempts to engage in religious discourse
2: Lost child
3: Business traveller
4: Vargr merchant
5: Army private in dress uniform, on leave, 1d6 in number
6: Pickpocket, roll again for appearance

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