Gushirdiimi WriteUp

Gushirdiimi ( 2036 B44299E-F A Hi In Po ) circa 1116

Gushirdiimi is a heavily industrialised but water poor world lying on
the Susadimaa trade route. Gushirdiimi is the centre of a loose trading
confederation of states centred on the Gushirdiimi and Rean clusters.
The confederation grew out of agricentric trade, and also acted as a
buffer to the Ilelish revolt of the 400s. Gushiridiimi is run by an
extreme socialist democracy, and high taxes reminiscent of those in
some Lancian worlds are the order of the day. Gushirdiimi suffered
badly in the past from exhaust pollution of its precious water
supplies. This has led the government to ban private transport. Instead
the planet is equipped with a superb public transportation system,
based on enclosed monorails and surface trams. Stations and town
centres has electro-bikes available on a "pick'n'dump" basis. The
security forces are the only people allowed grav craft and travellers'
craft are not allowed beyond Lyon Highport.

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