Highbury WriteUp

Highbury ( 2037 C424954-F D1 Hi In ) circa 1116

On a cold moon erratically orbiting Thulm in the industrial system of
Highbury lies the Ancient site of Oyrrayt. Discovered only in 823 by a
mining prospector the site is located deep in a rock fissure, away from
prying eyes and sensors. The site consists of three structures, one
above the other: a semi-circular platform, flat side against the rock
on top, a sphere below that, and an inverted pyramid at the bottom. The
Unlargidgard Technical Institute survey of 835 could find no means of
entry or function, but did locate the remains of a second similar
complex some 13km further along the fissure. Further research at
Oyrrayt and amongst the Droyne of Highbury has continued but to no

Referee: The Oyrrayt moon was a weapon, designed to be driven against
the Droyne colony on Highbury during the final war.

David Burden (david@innocom.demon.co.uk)

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