Kemper WriteUp

Kemper A1217A8-E Cp Na Po -- Dakin Burdick (9/96)

Kemper is under the control of a charismatic dictator named M'Buna Nirrad,
whose wisdom and cunning is extolled in Kemperian popular culture. Nirrad
was an admiral of the subsector fleet who seized control of his homeworld
when he believed that the representative democracy was incapable of
defending it. His coup was a popular one among not only the human
inhabitants, but also among the Whaiz, an insectoid minor race native
to this world. For many years the Whaiz had suffered great injustices
at the hands of the Kemperians, who regarded them a too stupid for
inclusion in the Confederation. Admiral Nirrad ended that, giving the
Whaiz equal status in Kemper society and even began naval training for
the Whaiz nearly forty years ago, despite much public outcry. Nirrad
lost a lot of public support for that move, until an invasion attempt
twenty five years ago in which the Destroyer "Chaos," manned primarily by
the Whaiz, was destroyed during a heroic rearguard action that allowed
the Kemper navy to regroup and drive off the invaders. The Whaiz captain
(one of the highest-ranking Whaiz at the time) of the "Chaos" did not
survive. Only four human and three Whaiz survivors were found, but all
were awarded the Terran Sunburst, the highest award for gallantry in
the Solomani Confederation.

The Whaiz are 25 kg. green insectoid omnivores (gatherers). They sport
a puffy sponge-like torso that serves as their digestive system, picking
up seeds after they are flailed from the stalks by the 4 long torso claws
of the Whaiz. Four short but sturdy legs support the torso. They have
always been acknowledged as skillful sculptors, but the The Whaiz
have proved to be heroic pilots, navigators, and gunners, with an
excellent spacial sense. The Whaiz can absorb 11 hits (3d6) before
going unconscious, and it takes another 8 hits (2d6) to kill them once
they are down. They have no armor but can attack with any of their four
torso claws. They have two sexes and lay eggs. They are also fanaticly
devoted to Admiral Nirrad, whom they regard as a living god. After his
death, they will probably transfer their devotion to the navy.

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