Lubon WriteUp

World: Lubon
Subsector: Lodz
Sector: Crucis Margin
Coordinates: 2111 (G0501)
UWP: C300246-9

Allegiance: Crucis, Sliv Faction
Trade Codes: Va
Travel Zone: Green

Mining is the primary reason for Lubon's existence, though it serves secondary
functions as a refuelling stop on the border circuit. Large deposits of most
major raw materials have been discovered. A consortium of companies on Katowich
is financing development of this planet. Settlements have been started at three
major deposit concentrations and the site for an extensive Spaceport surveyed.
Roads have been established between the settlements, though it is later planned
to build monorail connections. Manufacturing and population increases are
planned to take place over the next century and a half.
The system comprises seven planets. The two inner planets are minor rocks of
2000 km diameter. The third orbital position is occupied by Lubon and its 500
km diameter satellite. Fourth is an Planetoid Belt. Fifth is a small Gas Giant
with four minor rock satellites. Sixth and seventh are large Gas Giants with a
total among them of seventeen minor rock moons.

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