Chandra's Wor WriteUp

Chandra's World 2122 C9966AA-7 Ag Ni A 803 Im K4 V

The "breadbasket" of Pact. The planet is primarily concerned with producing
food for the subsector but has established a reputation for genetically
enhanced basic food crops. One of the main seasonal crops is Ayau which is
used as a flour substitute by humans but a certain strain, Rea Ayau, was
recently found to bring on psychotic schizophrenia and act like a combat drug
on Aslan. So far, no conclusive evidence has surfaced as to why this strain
should effect Aslan in this particular way. The Imperial Research station
is apparently studying the crop.

The planet is also plagued by a hermaphroditic insect, the Adayn, that
attacks and eats anything organic. So far, pesticides have proved useless
in controlling it.

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