Medurma WriteUp

Medurma 2124 A9D7954-G Hi 823 Im G0 V

Medurma, the capital of Dagudashaag, was originally the subject of a major
colonisation effort by the Solomani at about -2,099. Although there had been
a few exploratory mining installations set up on-planet by the Ziru Sirka,
Medurma had been largely neglected by the Vilani. Almost immediately, the
Solomani colonists made a startling discovery - extensive ruins indicated
that Medurma had been home to a minor human race as recently as -19,000. The
"Miyavine" civilisation had apparently reached TL4 or 5 at its height and
there is no clue as to the reason for its disappearance.

Since then, the planet has been extensively settled - the largest cities are
sited inside mountain peaks, whilst high technology maximises the
agricultural yield from the few high-altitude plateaux.

At lower levels (known locally as DeepLevel), conditions are harsh, as the
temperatures hover at about 80 - 95oC, and the pressure reaches 6.5
atmospheres. Mining operations are extensive and advanced at this level, as
is the cultivation of the unusual "Symmonds Tree". As a result, Medurma is
now more or less self-sufficient in staple foods.

The population of Medurma is remarkably cosmopolitan (there is a sizable
community of Aslan for instance). Imperial sociologists find Medurma
particularly interesting as the population tends to be socially-stratified by
altitude - the deeper-levels being populated by the lower classes.

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