Thalassa WriteUp

Thalassa 2127 D56A557-9 Ni Wa 423 Im K8 VI

This unimportant, water-covered world lies off the major subsector trade
routes despite lying on the Dagudashaag Main. The relatively poor starport
facilities are almost entirely due to the lack of available dry land; it is
nothing more than a convenient stopping off\refueling point for the itinerant
free trader captain. The small population is almost exclusively concerned
with the farming of Qha which has various dietary and pharmaceutical

Even this is on the wane as products can now be more easily and cheaply
produced synthetically.

The world does note native life, all aquatic and all confined to the warm
equatorial oceans. The two most notable species are the huge, carnivorous
Tarok and the pseudo-crustacean Zyroach.

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