Maiden WriteUp

Maiden 2130 B13069B-C N Na Ni Po De 814 Im M0 III M7 VI

Maiden was colonised soon after Medurma regained Jump Drive technology, by
members of the population who had become disgruntled with its patriarchal
scientific elite. Many of its earliest female settlers were women who had
been, or still were, in the military.

When the system was first colonised, the asteroid belt had been a habitable
world but, within a hundred years, it was destroyed after a collision with a
rogue planetoid. With additional immigrants from Medurma still arriving every
day, a decision was made to colonise the less hospitable Maiden instead.
One of the decisions which led to the exodus was an order from The Medurman
High Council requiring that all women be shorn of their body hair to prevent
further infection by an infectious mite, the Kacha, which was believed to be
the carrier of the deadly Mottled Plague that was sweeping the planet. Since
this order was only directed at women and not the men, many took deportation
rather than agree to this sexist order. A cure for the plague was soon found
but the women of Maiden still grow their hair long as a reminder of why they

The government is purely matriarchal but males are regarded as equals in all
other matters. The population has retained some aspects of Medurman culture,
among them a propensity to duel. Most of the population carry arms, generally
a knife in an arm sheath or a small duelling pistol at the waist.
Due to the history and background of the original settlers, the planet has
always retained a strong military presence. This attracted the Imperial Navy
who built a major Naval academy there.

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