Lonoke WriteUp

World: Lonoke
Subsector: Memsil
Sector: Crucis Margin
Coordinates: 2133 (O0503)
UWP: C8787A4-C-I

Allegiance: Crucis, Suo Faction
Trade Codes: In
Travel Zone: Green

One of the extreme Rimward frontier worlds of the Union Crucis, Lonoke is a
steadily developing solid member of the Union. The 47 million population,
primarily Humaniti, also includes 5 million Aliens. The planet derives a major
portion of its food supply from its oceans. Not a great deal of land is
available and much of that is deliberately left in forest. A major portion of
the population is occupied in manufacturing. The primary industries are
computer manufacture and construction equipment. Much of the construction
equipment is used on planet for domestic buildings. Quick and frequent violent
storms have caused most people to construct underground housing. Most of the
fishing and transport fleets are comprised of Submarines to avoid weather
danger at sea. A single family has provided most of the leadership during the
history of the planet and the Autarch is still selected from among this family.
The current Autarch, Krna Hmlanna, is well respected and she tends to intervene
only when absolutely necessary. The elected members of the Autarch's Council do
almost all of the routine governmental business. The military presence on
Lonoke is slight, voluntary enlistment in the Reserve Planetary Guard is
popular. Lonoke contributes an unusual percentage of volunteers for enlistment
in the Union Space Navy. It is a member of the Suo faction.
The planet is second in the system, the first being a minor rock. An Asteroid
Belt, two Gas Giants and two more minor rocks complete the system. The Union
Navy maintains a communications and refuelling Station on the second moon of the
outer Gas Giant.

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