Skkyhrk WriteUp

Skkyhrk (Hikaru/Amdukan 2213)
A975ACA-D F Hi In Cp 135
Allegiances: Julian Prot. (Hhkar Sphere)

Skkyhrk is the capital of the Hhkar Sphere. The planet was renamed
(or, according to them, restored to its original name) after the Hhkar
invasion of -222; the planet had been known since the days of the
Vilani Imperium as Urinir, a backwater world of the Vilani Imperium
known only for its pyramid ruins (now known to have been built by the
Hhkar before they left the planet 10,000 years ago.

The taint in the atmosphere is made up of sulphur compounds, and
comprises roughly 10% of the atmosphere; this makes it more suitable
for the Hhkar than for Human or Vargr.

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