Deewaa WriteUp

Deewaa ( 2223 X230320-5 Lo Ni Po De R ) circa 1116

Deewaa is a sombre and mournful world, which is bearing witness to the
extinction of the Jirtoygh minor race. The Jirtoygh are believed to
have contracted a fatal disease from the crew of a safari ship that
broke the world's quarantine and red zone classification in 487. Sir
Beckon Verbat, a local knight with an estate on Droun was a hunter of
some renown and was seeking new trophies for his hunting lodge. He had
no thought for the effect he could have on the Deewaa ecology, and
Emporer Cleon IV had him banished even before the full extent of the
catastrophe was known. Many efforts have been made to save the
Jirtoygh but so far to no avail. They now number only some 6400

David Burden (

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