Dipa WriteUp

Dipa 2223 C200AEB-F S Hi Na In Va 701 Im A4 V M5 D

Dipa is one of the main population centres of the Pact Subsector and a major
industrial producer. The planet was initially colonised by religious
followers of Father Emmanuel Dipa, a disgruntled Jesuit priest and a
founder of the Brethren religion. It still remains a major religious capital
today and millions of Brethren pilgrims visit each year.

The Brethren religion, while followed by the majority of the population,
is easy going with other faiths and, while under a firm rule of law,
personal freedoms are extensive. The faith dictates charity is of immense
importance, especially when directed at those the Church has classified
as "unfortunate". On Dipa, "unfortunate" generally describes those
off-worlders, not of Brethren faith, who are not permitted to secure
employment but instead are granted charity by the state.

Most of the population are located in two mega-cities, John-Paul and Messiah
because a considerable amount of the planetary surface is extremely
vulnerable to volcanic eruptions.

The system is closely linked with Medurma. During the days of the Pact, these
two worlds formed the core. Even today, they tend to see eye to eye on most
interstellar issues though generally for different reasons. This co-operation
has increased in recent years and the Brethren belief's are considered to be
a major force for good on Medurman policy.

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