Nexus WriteUp

Nexus 2225 B666666-7 N Ag Ni Ri 723 Im G4 V

This is one of only two agricultural systems in the subsector. Whilst not as
large or productive as Chandra's World, it is still considered the major
agricultural supplier to the rimward systems in the subsector.
This world is governed as a personal fief of the Viisarikaa family. It is
renowned as innovative in agricultural techniques and has successfully grown
many rare transplanted crops.

In addition, it is also known as a major centre of the Arts throughout the
Sector (and has been ever since the First Imperium), and its considerable
contribution is actively encouraged by the Viisarikaa's. The system has a
considerable population of artists, poets etc. The system is also the site of
a large naval base but, in respect of the population, (and the influence of the
Viisarikaa family) this has been mostly based on Kelemetia, a moon of the gas
giant Obria.

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